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Our specialisation is providing out-door caterings especially pure vegetarian lunch(Sadhya) for marriages. We also cater for parties for various cultural and social functions. If we take a retrospective look at the "Sadhya" of about 40 years back, it was restricted to 4 or 5 dishes(curries), rice, a side chips(varaval), a banana, a pickle, pudding(made of rice and jaggery-sarkara), rassam and butter-milk. But due to continuous personal involvement in cooking and a lot of encouragements from the clients, . A plaintain leaf full of a dozen tasty dishes, 4 types of chips, 3 types of pickles and minimum two varieties of Payassams apart from rice, sambar, rasam and papadam. Party functions, school and college youth festivals and special cultural and social events like Onam, Church festivals. As we have over 50 years of catering exprience and stand now at the second generation of Muthu's mantle-holders, we guarantee our customers the same taste and satisfaction as had been preserved since past 5 decades. In other words, we greatly value the tradition and strive to cater to the tastes of old, young and new geration alike.

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Primarily we cater to the marriage party, Birthday party, House warming ceremony, Corporate events and all kind of get-to-gather. We aim providing high quality of food for our customers

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We provide live thattukada service for marriage functions.Thattukada Service offers snacks and ice creams on marriage, events and small events and Big events

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We design the Fruits and Ice in different . Garnishing and decoration along with the taste of the food has a big influence upon the mind of the part attendees.